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Rollercoaster Weekend At Tombola

Posted by: BingoKath - Friday, Feb. 27th 2015 7:48 AM

Tombola bring to the bingo market some of the freshest and most innovative games with unique twists on traditional bingo and numbers games. There’s a huge selection to choose from and we particularly like Rollercoaster where you whizz around the track collecting the numbers to win the game, and this weekend it’s Rollercoaster weekend with guaranteed prizes galore!

In Rollercoaster you get a carriage and in that carriage are your numbered balls, fill your carriage before the other players to win the prize. However, this weekend you won’t be winning any old prize, there’s guaranteed prizes every single game at Tombola this weekend!

Log onto Tombola between Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March to join in, the perfect way to while away the weekend on your mobile or the desktop version of Tombola. Between 8pm and 10pm in the Rollercoaster rooms every single game will have a guaranteed jackpot and that jackpot will be worth a massive £125!

That’s £125 not for one game but every single game for two hours, two nights running, making this weekend the perfect Tombola weekend!

Tombola are one of the nation’s favourite bingo site and there’s many reasons why. If you are heading over there be sure to check out the new Playmates scheme where you could get up to £20 for sending your friends bonus codes to sign up at Tombola Bingo.

And as we all know, there’s only one thing better than bingo, and that’s bingo you can play along with your friends. Throw a rollercoaster in too and you have and a lot of fun.

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