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12 Days Of Treats From Bubble Bonus Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Dec. 18th 2014 7:34 AM

Bubble Bonus Bingo got their decorations down from the loft a few days ago and on 13th December they launched their 12 Days of Treats promotion. Each and every day of the promotion sees the brand offer up a little something extra to compliment the great game play at the site. There is cashback, loyalty points exchanges, free bingo and much more besides behind each of the decorative baubles at the site.

Since the decorations were added to the virtual tree at Bubble Bonus Bingo we have seen the site offer 10% cashback on two separate days, an exclusive Facebook treat, deposit bonuses and yesterday a bonus for the first 150 players who logged in, deposited and spent £5 at the site.

There are still seven baubles on the Christmas tree and each has something a little different to reveal, more cashback, more bonuses and free bingo but what we were most interested in was the loyalty point exchange the takes place on Saturday 20th December. Players have been advised to save up their points from 1st to 19th December and those who have deposited £10 or more are able to convert their loyalty points to Love2Shop vouchers as per the table below:

Love2Shop Vouchers Points needed
£5 5,000 – 9,999
£10 10,000 – 14,999
£15 15,000 – 19,999
£20 20,000 – 24,999
£25 25,000 – 29,999
£30 30,000 – 34,999
£35 35,000+

Now it might look as though it’s a lot of points to exchange but if you look at the table and the usual exchange rate of 1,000 for £1 in bonus funds, we think it is a great deal and one that we imagine many players at will be utilising.

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