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A Makeover For The G2 GTech Software

Posted by: BingoKath - Friday, Nov. 7th 2014 7:30 AM

The G2 Gtech software has been around for a while, previously St Minver but even as one of the longest established bingo software offerings on the Internet, it’s actually gone through very few changes. However, all that has changed this month as all sites using this software, including Daily Express Bingo, Daily Star Bingo, OK Bingo and others have had a makeover. We headed straight over to see what had changed.

The software wasn’t our favourite before, and instantly we saw the new streamlined homepages across the sites, not a huge difference for the brands although Daily Star Bingo appears to have lost Vinnie Jones in the switch.

Next we hit the lobby and again the changes here are tiny, very subtle and not all that noticeable, if we thought we were getting an overhaul it’s not meeting our expectations so far, it’s little more than a lick of paint.

There are some slightly bigger changes in the bingo rooms, the colours have changed, there are a couple of new features and the entire screen has switched around so cards are now on the left with chat on the right. We actually found chat quite hard to read, and we found the software a bit glitchy. The changes were actually very few and we weren’t that impressed with what was on offer even after them.

What this software actually needs is a massive overhaul and we’re not sure this changeover has really been worth the period of glitchy problems for players. While in the bingo rooms at OK Bingo several players were complaining about being thrown out of bingo rooms and losing the game, and it was much the same on other sites too. If you’re already a fan of the G2 Gtech software you may well like the changes that have taken place, but we’re not sure they would get you rushing over to play.

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