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Bingo Fanatic Declares Game Kept Her Young

Posted by: BingoKath - Friday, Oct. 24th 2014 7:46 AM

People have spent millions on the quest for eternal youth, from serums to tonics, from facelifts to botox, life is full of people running hard from old age. But according to 94 year old bingo fanatic Ethel Denny, the elixir of youth is a good old game of bingo, and a traditional pampering are the key to keep any lady with youth on her side!

Ethel Denny has been a regular at the Beacon Bingo hall in her local Stockton-on-Tees are for quite a while, although she has to travel by taxi to get there now so many bingo halls are closed. She’s seen the game through since its heyday having played for the last 30 years, and as expected she celebrated her birthday in the bingo hall with a tipple of sherry.

She didn’t get a birthday win, in fact she says she hasn’t had a win in about a year, but she loves the game and says it keeps her mind active and adding a bit of youthful excitement to her life. The biggest win the nonagenarian has ever had was £2,000 about 15 years ago, and her last win, about £30 a year ago, but she’s adamant that’s not why she plays, she simply loves the company and the thrill of the game.

Maybe Ethel will get to see the game go through its revival, over the last couple of years bingo halls have had a lot of media coverage, and that combined with the attraction of the online game as an introduction for young people means that new players are discovering how much fun a night out at the bingo is all the time!

As Ethel says ‘You could stay in the house and look at four walls but you would lose your buttons.”

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