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Game Village Bingo Move To Cozy Games

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 7:04 AM

When it comes to unique offerings from the world of online bingo we are limited to a handful of brands that aren’t either a skin on a network or use the same software as other sites online. Very few brands bring something completely unique to the table and recently this number reduced by one as Game Village Bingo made the move from proprietary software to that offered by Cozy Games.

We’ve never pulled any punches about being far from impressed by what Cozy Games has to offer by way of gaming experience, or lack of. Sadly although the new Game Village Bingo appears to be more standalone than networked site, the usual issues from Cozy Games have followed with the new site and new ones to boot.

The first we came across when visiting the new site was that we simply couldn’t get the rooms to load. This clearly isn’t a site wide issue because players were in the rooms congratulating each other and could be more browser related than site issue. Or could it be that we had yet to deposit? We tried the site on both Firefox and Safari and the game would not load on either.

What has always been a big pull for players to Cozy Games sites is the £15/£20 free that many of the sites offer to new players, no deposit required. The new Game Village Bingo doesn’t even have this to offer. All that is available is a 400% cash match bonus on deposits of at least £5.

In addition to this there are stricter withdrawal rules than we are used to at Cozy sites:

  1. You cannot withdraw for at least five days after your first deposit!
  2. You must have deposited at least £25 in your account before making a withdrawal.
  3. You can only withdraw once in any three working day period.

Whilst they have clearly tried to take some of the sites over to the new software, the room names at least, the new isn’t worthy of the branding in our opinion!

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