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New Land Bingo Tax Comes Into Force

Posted by: BingoKath - Monday, Jul. 7th 2014 7:45 AM

After huge media interest during the budget and the furore that followed the reduction of bingo taxation from 20% down to 10%, last week the promise was finally delivered as on Monday of last week the reduction in tax came into force.

George Osborne bowed to public pressure after a campaign by the Bingo Players Association. The campaign sought to reduce the tax paid by land based bingo halls to bring it in line with other forms of high street gambling. However, the Chancellor went one better than that, reducing the levy to 10%.

At the time many called it a vote-winner, an attempt to win the vote of the working class who traditionally have never supported the Conservative party. A PR disaster by Grant Schapps at the time of the Budget kept the details in the news for weeks, and pretty much since the Budget, bingo halls up and down the country have been making investment plans with the hope of turning around an ailing industry.

Now the bingo tax has come into effect and while this is unlikely to have any affect on bingo hall patrons, it will mean more money for the bingo halls themselves, and it could mean we finally see some growth in an industry that has been in decline since its heyday.

With bingo back in people’s thoughts and hearts thanks to the growth of the online game, and more recently mobile gaming, more people are trying out the bingo halls for the first time than we’ve seen for a while as new ways of playing make players passionate about the game again!

Since the promise of the reduction, the two main land bingo operators have announced a number of redevelopment plans. The Rank Group has announced the opening of three new bingo halls, creating 200 jobs, while Gala Bingo said the measure takes several clubs off the at risk list, saving 200 jobs and the brand will also be opening another new club, creating 50 jobs!

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