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While The Boys Are Away At Ladbrokes Bingo

Posted by: BingoKath - Friday, Jun. 20th 2014 7:12 AM

So you haven’t seen your darling husband for over a week now, just the back of him as he leaps up to the television and the grumbled thank you as you pass him his tea. Yep, it’s that time, World Cup action, and if you’re finding yourself a World Cup Widow then while the boys are away, the girls must play at Ladbrokes Bingo this month with all sorts of special prizes every day!

Each night at 10pm there’ll be a prize bingo game in the Lounge at Ladbrokes Bingo, but there’s plenty to keep you entertained in the run up to the game with multi-stake games, Roll on Bingo and a ton of BOGOF offers. It’s the perfect recipe for escaping the football, and you could even win some fantastic prizes along the way.

The games play for an hour in the run up to the 10pm game, and then you get the chance to play a big prize game, not just once but every single evening. If you’re the full house winner of this game you’ll collect a £500 Holiday Voucher, an iPad Air, or a cash prize, and you even get to choose which prize you’d like!

The promotion is open every single day from now until 16th July, so you have a whole month to play and win, having your own fun while the boys are watching the footy! Men are welcome of course, we do appreciate that not all men are football fans, but hands off that iPad Air because it’s mine!

All the prizes are tangible, there are no days where points prizes or anything else will be given away, the daily winner at of the 10pm prize game will get to choose one of the three prizes above, all you have to do is ensure you’re in the bingo rooms!

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