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Bingo Godz Improve Player Promotions

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, May. 13th 2014 7:11 AM

Bingo Godz, at launch, looked really good on paper. The opening bought with it a whole new concept of pay to play bingo AND a new software for players to test drive. However, whilst it was all very new and exciting there never seemed to be an substance to the site, nothing to keep the players coming back time and time again. By this we mean that the promotional schedule was pretty shocking to be fair…

However, it would appear that the Bingo Godz are turning their attention to rectifying this and over the last few months we have seen an improvement in what the site has to offer. Whilst they aren’t nearly as impressive as some of the bigger named brands online today, it’s certainly a step in the right direction of the Godz in our opinion.

Where once there was hardly anything to whet the appetite on the promotional page, there are now at least six current promotions. There not overly attention grabbing, far from it but there is potential. The promotional page now lists the following:

Daily Chat Games – we’re told about the ‘trivia quizzes, code breaker games and unique take on I Spy’ that the site has to offer but their not quite as regular as you might be used to. Chat games are played at random.

Rise And Shine Bingo – From 7am until 9am daily there is 10% cashback on offer if you don’t win in the session.

Happy Hours – From 5pm until 6pm in the Chow Main Bridge you will get one card free for every one that you buy, a bit of BOGOF bingo.

Jackpot Fridays – At 9pm on a Friday in the Rainbow Rings there is a £500 jackpot to be won.

Mid Month Bonus – On 15th of every month your first deposit of a minimum £15 will earn a 100% bonus if you use code 15FREE.

End Of Month Bonus – One the last day of each month you will get a 100% bonus on deposits of at least £10 if you use code B150.

As we said, not promotions of epic proportions but at least is making an effort.

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