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Bingo Godz Advert And £5 Free

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Sep. 22nd 2013 7:55 AM

Although we haven’t yet seen the Bingo Godz advert on the small screen it’s soon to air and having watched it on YouTube, it’s certainly different to all of the other bingo adverts we have seen over the years. There’s not a bingo ball, laptop or woman in sight so the marketing team for this brand have definitely not been following the usual storyboard for this type of advertising.

The advert begins with a man stepping out of a corner shop and then looking up at the sky as the clouds swirl and look thunderous. At this point the voice of Brian Blessed booms out telling the audience of how the Bingo Godz have been waiting eons for their time to strike.

At this point a thunderbolt hits the road and a leg of a creature of large proportion and made of stone is seen just before the five Godz are revealed. We finally see the names of all of the Godz before the commercial pans out to the large rock like ‘thing’ strumming on a guitar.

The advert focuses on the app more than the online version of Bingo Godz and funnily enough, makes no reference to the current bonus on offer to new players at the site. A recent change saw the brand introduce a £5 free no deposit required deal for new players who include their financial details are registration and a 100% cash match bonus on first deposit, a point not mentioned at all in the commercial for

What do you think of the advert?

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