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Bingo Lite Birthday Bash At Tombola

Posted by: BingoKath - Monday, Sep. 2nd 2013 7:06 AM

Bingo Lite is one of the most popular games at Tombola, and as it’s also available for mobile players, it’s a much-loved game. This coming weekend, the game celebrates its birthday and to celebrate, you can join in on some very special link jackpot games.

Bingo Lite is exactly what the name suggests, easy bingo, no hassle, no frills and lots of fun, and this week you can play for big full house link prizes when you join in on the big games. Tickets are cheap, so it’s time to say happy birthday to Bingo Lite at Tombola with this very special evening of games.

The birthday bash is this Friday and the special games play between 8pm and 10pm. Tickets start from just 2p each, so there are no inflated prices here, but the prizes are well and truly pumped up with linked games offering £250 full house prizes. There are seven rooms to choose from, but all the jackpots will be linked for this special, so wherever you are, you won’t miss out on the very generous prizes!

What’s more, if bingo is called on a number ending in a 5, everyone in the game will win back their stake, so it could work out a much cheaper night for many than first thought, and it’s just one of the many promotions running at Tombola this September.

As mentioned, all the games are available from all platforms, so whether you like to log onto from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and buy tickets for these excellent bingo birthday games.

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