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Costa Bingo Say Cheers

Posted by: BingoKath - Wednesday, Aug. 14th 2013 7:55 AM

This week, it’s the British Beer Festival, celebrating all those fantastic fine ales we brew here. To celebrate, Costa Bingo are saying Cheers!, with some beer-themed prize games, and as those games are free, you’d have to be drunk not to want to join in.

The free games play every day of the beer festival, from now until Saturday 17th August and if you want to join in, you’ll need to make sure you’re in the room by 8pm for the games. As these special free games are 90-ball games, you can access them at Costa Bingo online, or from your mobile or tablet!

Each game plays at 8pm, and tickets are absolutely free. The full house winner scoops a special beer-themed prize, while the two line winner collects 2,000 CPs, and the one line winner, 1,000 CPs. Here are the prizes to be given away each day at Costa Bingo:

  • Wednesday 14th – Beer Glass cuffs links
  • Thursday 15th – Inflatable beer mug ice bucket and a £15 Asda voucher to fill it.
  • Friday 16th – Lolita pub crawl beer glass
  • Saturday 17th – 4ltr, glossy black, mini fridge for beer

Don’t forget, all cards for the games are free, and the game plays every night at 8pm. The maximum cards are 6 each, so everyone has an even chance to win one of these prizes, which are perfect for any beer lover.

British beer is fantastic, and it’s great to see getting behind a truly British event. We hope you enjoy the free games as we raise our glasses to Costa!

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