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Big Upcoming Jackpots At Bingo Clubhouse

Posted by: BingoKath - Wednesday, Jul. 31st 2013 7:49 AM

It’s the final day of the month today, it hardly seems believable that July is already over, it seems to have only just begun. We’ve seen it all, sunshine, heatwaves, thunderstorms, floods and a royal baby, in what has been a jam-packed month now, and now closing the month is some more excitement with the Pay day jackpot at Bingo Clubhouse.

Regular players will know, this is the £1,000 jackpot game that plays across the 15 Network, and we have our tickets already for the game at Bingo Clubhouse! They’re available for pre-buy and that’s great news for players who are planning a little end of month fun, and won’t be at the keyboard tonight.

The 90-ball game is available now in the Bingo Lobby at Clubhouse Bingo, under the jackpots tab and as it’s a 90-ball game, there are three chances to win. Tickets for the game are just 50p each, and here’s what you could win:

  • 1 Line – £200
  • 2 Lines – £300
  • Full house – £500

So if this sounds like your perfect month’s end, make sure you head in and get your tickets.

Plus, Bingo Clubhouse has also announced a big £2,500 Community jackpot for the August bank holiday. Just like the Pay day jackpot it’s a 90-ball bingo game but this one will also have special 1tg, 2tg and 3tg prizes too. This game plays on 26th August, so it’s a way away yet, but tickets are now available for just £1 each and here’s what you could win in that game:

  • 1 Line – £250
  • 2 Lines – £500
  • Full house – £750


  • 3tg – share £400
  • 2tg – share £350
  • 1tg – share £250

So even if you don’t get lucky at Bingo Clubhouse, you could still be walking away with a small prize.

The 15 Network hasn’t been around very long, but the jackpots at sites like are just getting better and better!

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