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Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo At Gala

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Feb. 28th 2013 7:01 AM

Gala Bingo have recently scored quite a coop by securing exclusive Saturday Night Takeaway (SNT) themed games having teamed up with the national favourite, Any & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway show. For two years these games are going to be exclusive to the Gala brand and for players this means so pretty impressive prizes, and we don’t just mean on the bingo!

As happens in the actual program, by playing Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo at Gala Bingo you could ‘Win The Ads’. In addition you could also bag yourself the chance to be at the live show simply by sending an email explaining why you should be the person to go. All emails received by 7th March will be added into a draw and then someone will be chosen at random to see the show on 23rd March 2013.

SNT Bingo is pretty much the same as your standard 90 ball bingo BUT there is an additional Community Pot available to win on each game. At the start of the game a player is allocated to either Team Ant or Team Dec. Odd balls are points for Team Ant and even to Team Dec. At the end of the game all players in the winning team are awarded and equal share of the community pot.

In addition to this there are some games that show a ‘free ticket icon’ in the game details section. The full house winner on these games then gets a single free card for the next Win The Ads game!

Here’s the SNT Bingo game:

Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo at Gala

Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo At Gala

Here is an example of what could be won in the Win The Ads game from Gala Bingo – these are the prizes for Saturday 2nd March:

  • Prize 1 – Tablet (iPad Mini)
  • Prize 2 – Loo Roll
  • Prize 3 – Clothes shopping voucher worth £250
  • Prize 4 – £500 in cash
  • Prize 5 – Home Cinema System
  • Prize 6 – Nintendo Wii Console
  • Prize 7 – Leisure vouchers worth £50
  • Prize 8 – Tin of beans
  • Prize 9 – Holiday vouchers worth £100

We’re heading to, will you be joining us?

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