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Costa Bingo Sunny Giveaway

Posted by: BingoGal - Monday, Jan. 21st 2013 7:18 AM

Costa Bingo has a new promotion on offer to their players that could see them walk away with real cash prizes or a selection of vouchers. To take part in the latest promo from this brand you simply have to pop along to the site and cast a vote, a vote that will decide the prize given if you are a lucky winner.

You may be wondering what exactly you have to do in order to be a winner in the latest promotion from Costa Bingo, it’s really simple – just pop along cast your vote and then wait to see Sunny on the rooms. If you do spot him between 21st and 25th January you have to be the first to type “Do me a Sunny” in the chat rooms.

If you are a winner then the prize you are allocated will depend on the vote you placed from the choice of the following:

  • Pay a household bill – £150 cash
  • Send chocolates and flowers
  • Hire a cleaner for the day – £150 cash
  • Get a kiss from Sunny – £25 cash
  • Pay a mobile phone bill – £150 cash
  • A month of free bingo – £150 bonus funds
  • A night out – £150 meal voucher
  • Fill the car with petrol – £150 cash

Each player can only win one prize in the promotional period so should it arise that a first call player has already won, the prize will go to the player who typed the phrase in to chat second at

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