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New 32Red Bingo Advert

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Jan. 19th 2012 7:14 AM

32Red is a name well known in the world of gaming online and you may well have seen the commercials for their casinos which features a farmer harvesting chips for their online casino. This theme has been carried through to the new advert for 32Red Bingo and we have to say, it’s quite impressive as bingo commercials go!

We’re used to seeing big name brands like Foxy Bingo and Wink on our television screens but 32Red Bingo is one of those sites that kind of slips under the radar because it is powered by the not so popular Microgaming bingo software, is this about to change thanks to the new 32Red Bingo advert – we think it could!

The opening scenes of the 32Red Bingo advert shows the farmer and his wife standing in the kitchen with three hens on boxes on the table. The wife tells us that they have been supplying “fresh bingo numbers for 32Red for years now” as the hens produce a copious amount of bingo balls into glass bowls. The farmer then goes on to tell the viewer how 32Red Bingo have been awarded for outstanding player support and how the site offers a “fantastic range of online games”.

It’s a clever commercial and whilst it does have bingo balls, one of the three key ingredients of most bingo adverts, there is not a laptop in sight and whilst the farmer’s wife is female, she isn’t screaming over a bingo win – simply commenting on the size of one of the hens bingo wings!

See the commercial for yourself by clicking the image below:

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