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Chat Hosts At Dragonfish

Posted by: BingoGal - Monday, Nov. 14th 2011 7:14 AM

A new site launched recently on the Dragonfish network and whilst I’m pretty bored of writing about sites that offer the same old bingo experience, Nutty Bingo has made an effort to be different with a £5 free welcome bonus with no deposit required and an increased first deposit offer for new players. For this reason I popped along to see if there was anything else different about the brand and actually managed to upset a chat host in the process!

Now our readers may be aware that I believe SOME chat hosts are redundant, that in many instances they bring little or nothing to the site and are often surfing other sites or performing other tasks rather than their job. Often they are ill informed about their product and can be quite power hungry because they get to type in CAPS!

I won’t name names but Nutty Bingo is a Dragonfish brand so it’s one of their chat hosts that appeared to have a problem with me and this is how it arose. A player, who shall also remain nameless, came into the room and asked “Do you accept UKash?” – I responded “They do and also Paypal!”. The player then went on to say how they hadn’t received their £1 free and I explained that the £1 free offer was dropped from all Dragonfish brands back in September BUT they could play in the Free For All room where games play every 8 minutes and offer £1 jackpots. It was at this point that the nameless chat host piped up “Ermmmm hello [username]?” and went on to ask me if there was a problem!

My response was “No problem, I’m just trying to help [username]” and which point I got the distinct impression I had trodden on his/her toes because the reply was “As am I!”. I have to admit to being a little sarcastic to said Dragonfish chat host by responding “I obviously type faster than you!”. My point being that as community is key to any online bingo brand, what problem did said chat host have with me trying to help a fellow roomie? Seems to me that he/she was rather put out that I was actually better informed about their product than they were!

Is it just me or are some of the chat hosts right up their own backsides?

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elizabeth ann johnson Says:

You are quite right , when you say chat hosts are right up there own backsides, the worse offending site for this is amber likes to discuss all about her, and gets very arrogant if you dare to say you dont want to hear about her sexlife in detail. They also ban you from chat without warning and no apparent reason

BingoGal Says:

Hi Elizabeth

The hosts at We Want Bingo are the same as at any brand on the Dragonfish network and not specific to site.

Regards, as always

Bingo Gal.

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