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Jackpot Schedule At Cheeky Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Friday, Oct. 28th 2011 8:33 AM

Cheeky Bingo is best known and loved for it’s free games that are available 24/7 but there is more to this online bingo brand than first meets the eye. Cheeky Bingo also offer a great selection of promotions, guaranteed jackpots and much more besides and if it’s a site that you have yet to try why not pop along and make the most of the current welcome bonus, a 200% cash match offer.

Today we’re going to concentrate on taking a look at the jackpot schedule at Cheeky Bingo and tickets for these games start from as little at 1p a ticket but won’t cost you more than 25p to get in on the guaranteed bingo action.

Four different rooms at Cheeky Bingo host the guaranteed jackpots as per the schedule below:

Bare-Faced Cheek

One game per hour from 10am until midnight, all tickets are 5p each and the jackpots are £50 guaranteed with the exception of the following games:

  • 9pm – £75
  • 10pm – £100
  • 11pm – £75

Cheeky Smile

The 10.20am game costs 1p per ticket for a £25 guaranteed jackpot which is then followed by four hourly games at 11.20am, 12.20pm, 1.20pm and 2.20pm that cost 2p per ticket and have £30 jackpots.

5p tickets – £50 guaranteed

3.20pm, 4.20pm, 5.20pm, 6.20pm and 12.20am

10p tickets

  • 7.20pm – £75
  • 8.20pm – £100
  • 10.20pm – £100
  • 11.20pm – £75

There is one game at 9.20pm where tickets cost 25p each but the jackpot is guaranteed at £250.

Naughty But Nice

All tickets for the guaranteed jackpots in this room at 10p each but the jackpots vary from game to game:

£50 jackpots

10.15am, 12.15am, 2.15pm, 4.15pm and 6.15pm

£100 jackpots

8.15pm, 10.15pm and 12.15am

Cheeky Kiss

  • 6.40pm – 5p tickets – £50 jackpot
  • 7.40pm – 10p tickets – £75  jackpot
  • 8.40pm – 10p tickets – £100  jackpot
  • 9.40pm  – 25p tickets – £150 jackpot
  • 10.40pm – 10p tickets – £100  jackpot
  • 11.40pm – 10p tickets – £75  jackpot
  • 12.40am – 5p tickets – £50 jackpot

As you can see there is plenty to play for at!

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