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ABC Bingo Makeover And Welcome Bonus Confusion

Posted by: BingoGal - Friday, Jul. 29th 2011 7:29 AM

ABC Bingo was one of the first Dragonfish networked brands that I ever came across when I first started playing bingo online and until recently it had a really poor home page. The site was cluttered, a horrible purple and gold and just generally needed updating. Thankfully ABC Bingo have had a makeover but with the new look, which is far more impressive, comes a little confusion with regard to the welcome bonus this brand has for new players.

Visit the home page of ABC Bingo and there, in big black letters, is the offer of 100 FREE CARDS! Now if you’re an avid bingo fan like me you’ll know full well that there are currently no penny bingo games available across the Dragonfish network so how exactly are you going to get 100 free cards?

It’s all changing soon anyway with Dragonfish brands set to drop the £1 bonuses in favour of the free bingo rooms that have just been introduced but it’s still a misleading offer! Throw into the mix that the banners advertising the site can’t make up their minds either and you have to wonder if ABC Bingo have any clue as to what they are actually doing! 20 Free Cards are advertised on the big banner we have in our review, whilst the smaller banner shows 10 free cards, hopefully when Dragonfish drop the free welcome this should help ABC Bingo sort out their a**e from their elbow.

Whilst I’m here, the Dragonfish network sites like and others may be dropping their £1 free but they all now have two free bingo rooms available. One is open to all players from 7am until 7pm daily with games every 8 minutes and the jackpots are £1 each.

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