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Cassava Withholding £83,000 In Prize Money From UK Bingo Players

Posted by: BingoDave - Thursday, Jul. 7th 2011 10:20 PM

Following a couple of months of canvassing for your stories and experiences of being banned from a number of the UK’s leading bingo sites by the Gibraltar based bingo operator Cassava Enterprise Ltd, I’ve today put together a page that catalogues these experiences. On totalling up the amount of money you’ve told us Cassava withheld from you as a result of a ban, we found players were owed more than £83,000 in prize money that Cassava had decided they would keep.

For all we know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve had more than 70 complaints across a number of sites and contact methods. How many others have not complained, not found our site and shared their experiences? It’s hard to say, but a couple of complainers say they’ve seen a number of regular players disappear from the sites, whilst others have friends and relatives that have undergone the same treatment. We also don’t know how many of these players kicked up a big enough stink to get their money back, as we’ve heard some have done.

We contest that these bans are profit motivated, and are aimed at people who don’t spend all their winnings at the sites, but take it with them on a regular basis. You just have to read the stories to see the common threads. People win often and withdraw often, or have a big win. Shortly before they can get their money out they are slapped with a ban and their winnings are held. There’s no explanations anywhere in Cassava’s Ts and Cs to explain what constitutes bonus abuse, and it provides mechanisms that allow you to claim reload bonuses whilst waiting for pending withdrawals. Could it be they keep this system as it gives them a convenient way of banning players that win too much?

Bingo needs to be seen to be fair, plain and simple. Most of the UK’s biggest brands get that. You can deposit and withdraw within the same sort of time frame and with minimum disruption. Bonuses are less frequent, and many keep wagering requirements to a minimum on them. In fact, they’re as close to the highly regulated land based business as you could hope for online, and that is what Cassava should be seen to be doing.

Instead it has chosen to ban players who win more than they put it. It doesn’t matter that this money is covered by everyone staking into the pots, Cassava want all your money spent with them. Their underhand tactics have caused misery and upset to lots of regular players, and frankly seems to be escalating. This is all the more frustrating for me, as I really rate what Cassava powered sites offer bingo players, but, at the rate they’re going they’re culling players at a shocking rate.

We’re not taking this quietly, it’s time we all stood up for ourselves. If you’ve found yourself the victim of a bonus or free bingo abuse ban, and can say its because you won more than you spent, then read our complaints section’s Cassava Ban Action Plan to see how to get your winnings out of them. We also urge you to warn all your friends and tell them to warn their friends. If you can, contact the people we’ve mentioned in our contacts section.

More action will be coming shortly. I’m shortly to contact a number of interested parties to with a mind to exposing these unfair bans. Stay tuned, and if you can, avoid Cassava sites in favour of sites that treat you right.

4 Comments on “Cassava Withholding £83,000 In Prize Money From UK Bingo Players”

dave Says:

funny that last year i was banned and yes i won alot more than i lost,the reason given was bonus abuse followed by cassava dont have to explain what bonus abuse is only to say i done it, i emailed them 7x and got a final reply stating they will not be replying to any futher emails,they are cheats plain and simple, no other business would get away with it, but you cant win as they are based in gibrater in which they share the same building as the govering body and invest heavly in that country.

Karen Says:

My husband got banned from moon bingo and all cassava sites A couple of days later I was banned too …… hubby got his money I lost all my winnings about 300pounds over all the sites Not sure how much exactly this happened last jan, only just found your site

Steve Says:

I am writing this as a recently “banned” member from Cassava’s Costa Bingo site (banned 20/10/11). I joined the site well over a year ago as I am registered disabled and spend a lot of time online playing games (bingo, poker etc) and 99.99% of the time for free.
I have always, ever since I first joined the site, spent AT LEAST 6 hours a day every day playing the free games, but never won much (think I won about £2 in 12 months). While playing I would be in EVERY room playing practically every game for the entire time that I was on the site. In all this time I never once received a warning, got banned or anything, and Costa wasn’t the only site I did this on as I have accounts on other Cassava powered sites too.
On 19th October 2011 I noticed that there wasn’t many people in the first time depositor room so thought to hell with it, I’ll credit my account and see how things go as the excitement of getting down to 1TG was getting boring.
I credited my account with £5, getting £10 bonus. I played every game in the 24 hour free first time depositor room, played some free games, some 5p games and also bought tickets in advance for the hourly rooms. I won, in this 24 hour period, well over £150. I took out nearly half of this (about £70). I never spent ANY of the welcome bonus and also left cash in to play paid games with.
Approximately 2 hours after the 24 hours had expired I was “timed out” and requested to log back in again. I tried but my password wouldn’t work. I rang customer services who said that there was security issues with my account and that I had been sent an email and that I would need to contact the sender of the email.
The email stated this so-called “professional” use. It stated that I had played too many free games and for this reason I was now banned from all Cassava powered sites.
I emailed them back (as this was and is the only way of making any contact with them) and explained my situation to them. I also mentioned that while I haven’t been winning or credited my account they hadn’t banned me, even though I had been spending considerably more time on the free games than I had in the 24 hours after crediting my account. They emailed me back with the same response and told me again that I cant use other Cassava sites.
Since then I have been playing email tennis with them, constantly being told that they refuse to pay me anything I rightfully won from what they offered me. If I had been aware of this prior to crediting my account I wouldn’t have put any money on and just continued playing the free games.
One thing I did notice on the site was the same people winning over and over again, so guaranteed those people have probably been banned too.
If Cassava was based in this country they wouldn’t get away with it.
If they want to limit the amount of games people are allowed to play they should have a system in place to stop people when they reach their daily limits or at least make it clearer when you sign up.
The advertisement they sent me said “free bingo all day every day” and this is one of the things that attracted me to the site. Nowhere on that email did it state that terms and conditions apply or that gaming was limited to 3 hours per day or 120 games per week (believe me I was doing well over that when I joined up in just one day).
I have spoken to Trading Standards and the ECC. Both have agreed that I am not in the wrong, but at the same time neither of them have any power to make them pay me. I would have to go to the small claims court to get my winnings.
If Cassava want to ban me because of how I play I understand that it is their choice. I just dont see why they should keep my winnings. I bet other players who had been in those games would be annoyed if they knew, I know I would.

Aimee Says:

I was banned 4 days ago by hollywood bingo because I withdrew 310 but deposited 30. I have emailed but no luck as yet. I need my winnings and they have no right what so ever to keep them as I won them fair and square. Please can any one give me some reassurance that I will get my money, how long it took and what steps u took to get this. I hate them cheating lying scumbags