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Cassava Sites Free Bingo Terms And Conditions

Posted by: BingoGal - Friday, May. 6th 2011 7:09 AM

Something caught my attention today when preparing the Moon Bingo Bonus And Code page and it had me scratching my head. It was in the Terms and Conditions of the site and something that many of the players who have been banned by Cassava probably hadn’t even noticed! If you were to play, on average, more than three hours a day of free games or 120 games a week at Moon Bingo then you do risk having your account closed on the pretext that it is considered ‘professional use’.

A couple of things that are glaringly wrong with this is that a) Moon Bingo don’t offer enough free bingo games to allow you to play 3 hours of free games or 120 hours and b) how the hell can someone be a professional bingo player when it’s a game of chance!

Now Moon Bingo isn’t the only Cassava site that offers free games, far from it and others do it bigger and better but again we ask, how can playing bingo ever be constituted as ‘professional use’? Understandable Terms and Conditions for a site like Costa or Cheeky that offer free games in abundance? Not really because Costa offers you a access to an additional free bingo room when you make a deposit – 24 hour access to a room with a game every 30 minutes and access to all the standard no cost rooms. It would be easy to play free bingo for 3 hours a day, or a 120 hours a week here. However players are being banned for just that reason! At this point I do have to point out that the Terms and Conditions at Costa and Cheeky make no mention of what they deem ‘professional use’ and I haven’t read all the T&C’s of all the brands that offer free bingo to their players.

Are you considered a ‘professional’ if you win at the free games or simply for grabbing the free tickets? I’d wager that it only applies if it’s the former and you are cashing out more money than you put in!

I for one whole heartedly support BingoDave in his quest for a better deal for the online bingo player and believe that Cassava really need to sit up and take note because on the whole, the majority of players who have been banned from their sites are genuine players, not professionals, who simply got lucky!

4 Comments on “Cassava Sites Free Bingo Terms And Conditions”

patricia Says:

hi, i had been a keen bingo on line player , loved the slots ch host roomies, i use to play on various sites every night , but i deared to take my winnings on many occassions . Then on june 13th i got email to say i was banned for life on all cassava sites WHICH SEEMS TO BE MOST OF THEM. I felt this was really unfair as i had lost prior and no email no ban , but a lucky few weeks of winning 30.00 and taking winnings i was banned .I TRIED TO FIND OUR THE REASON and basically they said abuse of bonus codes ,that i may add they sent weekly ,but even though i would reload cash with out bonus at times i was banned .

Una Says:

I have just recently been banned from all cassava sites , My bank statment would tell a diffrent story , I have nothing but deposits and a few £30 withdrawls which may i add they are content on keeping . My deposits varied from 10/20 on daily basis and over a week i had deposited £300 in which i may add not won anything near to that amount .
Like yourself patricia i can’t find any abuse on my part or anything in t&c to say what it is i actually done wrong.
I have since written to watchdog and i am now going to write and complain to every authority there is , As i have been treated unfairly , They took my money and my winnings .
Funny thing was they waited till i deposited £20 and minutes later closed my account ?, I bought j/p tickets an all. 2 bingo sites have came to my defence and as they stated there is no breech what so ever i have made and i am a good player whom they are eager to keep hold of , And weird thing about it is i am allowed to use there site but they blocked my card , Is it because i don’t play free bingo on these sites i am allowed into ?

patricia Says:

its all crazy , and the dipper you dig the more you find that so many people are saying exactly the same thing .

carrissa Says:

Well I got the security email this morning, telling me I have been banned from all cassava sites. and yes they said it was because I am a proffessional player, I have apparently abused the terms and conditions. Which I have not, I never use the bonus codes they send me and rarely use the redeposit bonuses as I normally only deposit a fiver at a time. Its plain to see that because I have recently been able to withdraw on a few occassions they have decided Im not losing enough and banned me.
On one perticular site I have been a gold player for a long time, that means Iv deposited well over a thousand pounds. and on other sites Im a silver player so in the past 3yrs of playing on line cassava bingo Iv kissed goodbye a good few thousand. My thanks is now a ban cos Iv managed to withdraw a few hundred. so on top of the ban there is a matter of being accused of doing something I am not doing, of being someone I am not and then Iv been sentanced and punished for the lies they have made up. slander? not legal? surely they cant get away with this sort of thing, I am going to complain & write to watchdog. Im really gutted about the whole thing.

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