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New Advert Coming From Foxy Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Monday, Jan. 17th 2011 8:26 AM

Ask a handful of people which online bingo site they know from advertising on television and we guarantee that 90% of those that can answer will say ‘Foxy Bingo’. Since it’s first ever commercial featuring the man dressed in a Fox suit with the infamous purple suit this brand’s marketing has gone from strength to strength.

The online bingo rumour mill is rife with talk of a new advert soon to launch from Foxy Bingo and here in the office we have been speculating as to what the viewing public can expect to see from this brand.

You could say if Carslberg did online bingo advertising then they would be behind the Foxy Bingo adverts because whilst there are many who will say they find the mascot and brand for this site irritating at least they are well aware of it and thus confirming that the marketing team behind Foxy Bingo has got it right!

The mascot of Foxy Bingo has undergone a few changes since he first appeared on our screens, a little like Ben from Eastenders, but what remains the same is the great music and storyboards used to get the brand known. First and foremost there is massive brand awareness for Foxy Bingo and unlike many other brands advertising their online bingo wares, you won’t see laptops or hear women screaming when they win the games in the Foxy commercials. Foxy Bingo do bingo advertising as it’s best in our opinion and being the best continues in the rooms at their site!

Pop along to and check out the latest promotional offers today and check back here soon for further details of the new advert.

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