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Get Behind Your Team At 888Ladies Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Friday, Jun. 11th 2010 9:49 AM

The World Cup kicks off today and 888Ladies Bingo are giving players the perfect chance to get behind their teams by dedicating whole bingo rooms to teams during their football frenzy month. The fun starts today and continues until July 11th with free bingo, millions of loyalty points and some big prizes to be won during the Football World Cup 2010. Here are all the details and how you can join in on this month of fun from 888Ladies Bingo.

Football frenzy at 888Ladies Bingo has well and truly kicked off and from today, you’ll see eight special World Cup bingo rooms at 888Ladies Bingo, each one named after a World Cup team.

You can play in these rooms for £100 guaranteed jackpots, free bingo games, thousands of loyalty points and big bonuses if you win in the room of a winning football team but you’ll need to be quick as each online bingo room is only open while that team is playing a match. That’s 105 minutes including half time for you to make the most of the footy frenzy.

In fact, the only room that is different is the England bingo room where you’ll be able to play for all the above specials, twice a day, every day.

Then as the teams dwindle to the final two, you have the Finale at 888Ladies Bingo to look forward to, a special pre-buy bingo game where you can win all sorts from flat screen television sets to holidays!

What better way to celebrate the World Cup than with Football frenzy at

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